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New search methods are ramping up the hunt for alien intelligence

Six decades of radio silence hasn’t stopped scientists from seeking E.T. For about a week in 1960, radio astronomer Frank Drake thought he might have discovered aliens. He had pointed the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s new 26-meter telescope at the star Epsilon Eridani on April 8 of that year, and within minutes, the instruments went […]

The Chariots of the Gods

I have not yet written about perhaps the most important Alien book of them all, which started it all. The Chariots of the Gods The groundbreaking classic that introduced the theory that ancient Earth established contact with aliens. Quickly perceived as a work vital, Chariots of the Gods suffers as verification that Earth has been […]

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Ancient astronauts” (or “ancient aliens“) refers to the pseudoscientific idea that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times.Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of modern cultures, technologies, and religions, and even human biology. A common position is that deities from most, if not all, religions are extraterrestrial in origin, and that advanced technologies brought to Earth by ancient astronauts were interpreted as evidence of divine status by early humans.

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Well-known proponents in the latter half of the 20th century who have written numerous books or appear regularly in mass media include Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert K. G. Temple, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and David Hatcher Childress.