UFO sighting: NASA spies ‘alien Black Triangle UFO’ near Sun – ‘been there all along’

UFO watchers are excitedly sharing stunning video evidence they believe proves an elusive alien ‘Black Triangle’ UFO is in orbit around the Sun.

The verified NASA video footage is time-stamped as being recorded on March 13. He took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about his latest UFO sighting.

Waring said: “I was looking at some footage of the Sun and decided to take a closer look at the Black Triangle I discovered many months ago.

“This is not possible, since the Sun is rotating below the UFO.

UFO sighting: A NASA probe has reportedly  spies 'alien Black Triangle UFO' near Sun - 'been there all along'

UFO sighting: Scott Waring believes the mysteriously static dark spot is evidence of an alien space (Image: NASA)

UFO sighting: Graphic shows UK space industry

“The UFO only moves slightly to left and sometimes to the right. So, clearly the UFO is in orbit around the star.’

The so-called Dark Triangle UFO is believed to have been there for a long time – a period during which US-based space agency NASA has attempted to conceal its presence.

Waring added: “I went back as far as nine months and it is still there.

“Perhaps it has been there all along and NASA was just hoping no-one would notice a Moon-sized space ship in our Sun’s orbit.”

UFO sighting: Graphic

He continued: “Is this the home of the Dark Knight satellite?

“How could this UFO be so close to the Sun and not be destroyed?

“I am convinced this is an alien craft of some sort. Maybe this is some sort of dark black space station.

“This is clearly something NASA and the US government does not want us to know about.

“To my best guess this is an alien space station in orbit around the Earth.”

The controversial yet verified short clip, seen through a green NASA filter, shows a clearly visible UFO.

UFO sighting: Area 51 map

UFO sighting: (Image: Express)

Waring added: “As you can see, the Black Triangle is seen to be sitting in position while the Suns is rotating behind it.

“This is absolute proof the Black Triangle is not some kind of space anomaly.

“If this UFO really was some solar dark spot, it would be rotating with the Sun.

“The Black Triangle is instead sitting in position.”

“Although this is kind of bizarre, this UFO sighting is true.”

The clip swiftly generated scores of comments on the etdatabase YouTube channel.

YouTube viewer Look Closer wrote: “Very Nice catch. One can only imagine the purpose of this ‘station/craft’.”

And Charleen Sampson appeared to agree, adding: “Amazing how close/through some of these planets/Sun, ship’s can do the things they do.”

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