Worried About the Corona Virus? Find the Most Effective Ways to Protect Yourself!

The Corona virus is starting to cause mass panic worldwide. Many people are rushing to the local pharmacies and clearing them out of face masks and hand sanitizer to combat it.

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from the Corona Virus

1. Avoid other similar substances

There is not much mention of this fact in the newsfeed, and it really should be. It is currently wintertime in many places around the world, and that brings with it the inevitable brew season. The Corona is the main epidemic being mentioned by everyone, but there is cause for caution with similar substances. People should be sure to also avoid other nasty liquids like Budcrieser, Miller Blight, and Milwaukee’s Worst, amongst others.

2. Avoid Mexico

Contrary to many reports in the news, Corona actually originated in Mexico, not China. It goes without saying that if you’d like to avoid mass consumption areas, you should avoid traveling to Mexico. It’s also recommended to avoid ‘bros’ and ‘frat houses’, as the virus of Corona is often seen in these places.

3. Avoid people that display signs of Corona

A surefire way to avoid getting sick from Corona is to simply avoid people and places that display signs of it. These are often easy to spot, as the few people that actually claim to enjoy Corona are proud to display it and talk about the substance. Look out for the classic signs of yellow, blue, and urine-like smell. As well as frat bros — the biggest threat of all.

4. Alcohol

It is highly recommended to consume copious amounts of alcohol when combating Corona. By drinking enough of the substance beforehand, it helps make Corona more beerable. Of course, it is recommended to avoid drinking Corona if at all possible. But if you must, be inebriated first.

5. Use citrus fruit to combat it

If you know you are in an afflicted area of Corona, it helps to be prepared. Always keep citrus fruit on hand, in particular limes or even lemons. Some establishments are also known to keep them on hand for such occasions. If you absolutely must consume Corona, adding lime to it is an absolute requirement.

This has been advised against by several professionals in the medical community.

But for some reason, they haven’t mentioned the true ways to protect yourself from this scary contamination.

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